Current Openings

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How we work with Recruiters

Theragnostics is a small high growth company which is deliberately lean. We don’t have time to field unscheduled calls or emails from recruiters, but we are keen to work with those recruiters that are good at their jobs when a hiring need arises.

To make our lives and your jobs easier the following is everything you need to know to decide whether you want to work with us:

• Under no circumstances call without prior agreement. We simply don’t take the calls
• All positions are advertised on our Careers page
• Only submit candidates via, using the role-specific reference number provided in the relevant position on our website.  Speculative submissions will be deleted and the submission will not be considered – the same goes for emails directed to our employees and not submitted to
• If you have a candidate that you believe to be appropriate for a role we are advertising, please provide the candidate’s name so we are able to determine if they have already applied for a current or previous role
• We will always respect the confidentiality of your candidate
• If we are interested in your candidate, we will get in touch with you within 72 hrs
• If you’ve done a good job understanding our requirement then we will endeavour to provide you with feedback on candidates that are not quite right
• We will never prejudice a candidate on the basis that they have come via a recruiter.

Our Terms

This web page contains our terms & conditions for recruitment firms and head-hunters.

o We pay 15% of year 1 salary and only on basic salary, no other benefits included
o We will always pay within 30 days of a candidate starting with us
o If we hire a candidate that you have introduced to us for a different role to the one advertised within 6 months of your introduction, or for the same role after 6 months, then we will pay 50% of the rate expected for the original hire
o If your candidate is no longer in employment with us after:

  • 30 days we will pay you 25% of the recruitment fee
  • 30-60 days and you will refund us 50% of the recruitment fee
  • 60-90 days you will refund us 25% of the recruitment fee.

If you can’t/won’t adhere to the above terms, then we’re not the right people for you to do business with, and consequently please don’t submit candidates.