FDA APPROVED: NEPHROSCAN™ (Kit for the Preparation of Technetium Tc 99m Succimer Injection)

Indication: NEPHROSCAN™, after radiolabeling with technetium Tc 99m, is a radioactive diagnostic agent indicated for use as an aid in the scintigraphic evaluation of renal parenchymal disorders in adults and pediatric patients including term neonates.

Important Safety Information: Radiation Risks: TechnetiumTc 99m succimer injection contributes to a patient’s overall long-term cumulative radiation exposure. Long-term cumulative radiation exposure is associated with an increased risk for cancer. Ensure safe handling to minimize radiation exposure to the patient and health care workers. Advise patients to hydrate before and after administration and to void frequently after administration.

Advanced Renal Failure: Some patients with advanced renal failure may exhibit poor renal intake of technetiumTc 99m succimer injection. It has been reported that satisfactory images may be obtained in some of these patients by delaying imaging for up to 24 hours.

Hypersensitivity Reactions: Hypersensitivity reactions, including urticaria, rash, pruritus, and erythema have been reported with the use of technetium Tc 99m succimer injection in adults and pediatric patients. The time of onset of the reactions varied within 2 hours to several hours after the injection. Have appropriate instruments and medications necessary for immediate treatment of hypersensitivity reactions and monitor patients for reactions during and after administration.

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