Theragnostics Collaborate on £6 million MITHRAS Research Programme

Theragnostics is proud to announce our collaboration with the ‘Next generation molecular imaging and therapy with radionuclide’ (MITHRAS) programme currently launching in the UK.
MITHRAS is being led by Theragnostics Advisory Board member Professor Phil Blower as part of a team of 15 co-investigators including 12 from King’s College London, two from Imperial College London and one from Southampton University. The research team will also comprise post-doctoral assistants and aligned PhD students, whose work will be to design, validate and translate novel radionuclide imaging agents and radiotherapeutics.

Theragnostics involvement builds on a long term relationship with King’s College London School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences which for over a decade, has been assembling an environment and team fit for the task of delivering this multidisciplinary programme to develop fast, efficient chemistry for novel PET imaging agents. The Imaging Chemistry and Biology Department within the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences has ten academic molecular imaging chemists and biologists, alongside physicists and clinicians, plus key external experts feeding in additional novel chemistry and image analysis. The programme has been awarded £6 million and will run over 5 years, with clinical translation in a range of oncology indicaions as the guiding principle.”

Further details on MITHRAS may be found at ttps://